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The purpose of the Animal Demography Unit (ADU) is to contribute to the understanding of biodiversity, and thus provide input to biodiversity conservation. We achieve this through programmes that involve citizen scientists, long-term monitoring, research and innovative statistical modelling. We believe that the best way to achieve biodiversity conservation is through enabling conservation decisions to be based on solid quantitative evidence. The Animal Demography Unit (ADU), established in 1991, is a research unit of the University of Cape Town, located in the Department of Biological Sciences. The ADU has been core partner for a series of landmark productions relating to the biodiversity of southern Africa. When the history of biodiversity in southern Africa is reviewed, the bird atlas (1997), Important Bird Areas directory (1999), Red Data Book for birds (2000), frog atlas (2004), butterfly atlas (2013) and reptile atlas (2013, with a 2014 launch date) will be recognized as milestones in the documentation of biodiversity.

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Lindsay Mary Ellen
Belenois gidica abyssinica
African veined white -- Laeveldwitjie (PIERIDAE)