Great Little White Butterfly Migration
Sight Reporting

The human mind is a very valuable instrument to assess size and conditions. Trust your instincts.
Observe at any time interval available to you and give your impression of the migration status on a day.

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Date:  Year   Month   Day 
Time Interval:
(Between 13:00-14:00/ early afternoon)
Type of Weather
Good       In Between       Bad

Decide by using any one or a combination of the weather conditions to assess the type of weather

e.g. if it is sunny but very cold, it is bad weather. Another example, if it is somewhat cloudy building up to a thunderstorm later in the day, but warm and with little wind at the time, there is a stretch of good weather before the thunderstorm.
Good (Warm, little wind, sunny)

In Between (Not too warm, some wind, sun a bit shy but there at times)

Bad (Cold, harsh wind, cloudy with little sun)

Type of Migration Big      Moderate      Small      None

Decide by using your impression of the migration (or peak of migration) at some time during a day to assess the type of migration. Keep it simple and give your general impression.

Big (Clouds or strings of brown-veined white butterflies visible. Clearly a phenomenal movement of masses. )<

Moderate (Regular flow of brown-veined white butterflies, steady numbers.No clouds or strings, but at peak time more than one every minute, overall count will still be high. )

Small (One brown-veined white is seen every now and then.It most often takes more than a minute for any white butterfly to pass by at peak time.)

None (Not a single brown-veined white butterfly is observed.)

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