News item no. 4183

2014-02-13 Megan Loftie-Eaton 
The Caterpillar Rearing Group is here!

On the 10th of February the Caterpillar Rearing Group (CRG) was launched!! The CRG is the continuation and expansion of the Great Moth Caterpillar Hunt Challenge in association with the Lepidopterists’ Society of Africa (Lepsoc) as well as LepiMAP!

With new rules and new Prizes! We're calling on all Citizen Scientists out there to help discover as many new life histories of African Lepidoptera (moths AND butterflies) as possible. This group is there to answer all your questions regarding caterpillar rearing! With “How to” documents and data templates to assist you during your experiments while also creating a place to share photos and compare stories or discoveries! Join the CRG Facebook Group for more information! (